Music Videos

Some of my all time favorites! Songs that touched my heart along the journey. I am grateful to God for the gifts of others that can poignantly put words and music together that can truly speak words of my heart that I cannot articulate. Thankful for their gifts and how these songs point me and my heart and mind to Jesus!

My Story: Love this song….it’s all about hope, love, & life because of His Grace!

Who You Say I am: Great song when I need a reminder of my identity, that it has been rescued! Free Indeed – I am a Child of God!

Death was Arrested: “Released from my chains, I’m a prisoner no more….” The lyrics of this song are rich and powerful of His truth! Sing it proclaim it!

Rescue Story: I had to share this! Absolutely fitting with the focus and name of this site. He can be your rescue story!

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