The Truth Hurts

Sometimes as the pages and chapter of our stories are being written we are confronted with a question or thought that pierces our mind and heart, a punch in the stomach. Initially we don’t like it. It’s reality & truth and it hurts.

— Confronted about a lie.
— Confronted about a behavior.
— Confronted about something hidden.
— Confronted about a failure.

It hurts, most likely it is because it is something about us that we didn’t want anyone to know or to see. Truth can put us in pretty vulnerable places, our brokenness revealed. In a conversation just today a friend remarked on the only way a hurt or brokenness can be healed or treated is to discover it. It makes me think of how I have come to realize that conviction is a gift; a gift from God. Although it initially hurts and is painful there is an opportunity for God to enter in and heal. Stay tuned for the next entry. The Truth Rescues. ~Stan

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