In His Image

Our culture, ourselves, and our experiences are significant influences of how we think about ourselves. It has left many people really confused. Gay, gay-Christian, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, gender fluid and more. A primary purpose of this blog is to challenge others including myself about our beliefs about our identities; is what we are thinking basedContinue reading “In His Image”

Unsettled Mess

Nearly three months ago I moved to a different home. The list of “to do’s” are daunting. Clean DuctsPatch nail holesPaint trim and roomsClean light fixturesElectrical workUnclog drainsClean stained floors Add Window treatmentsDeck repairsFix leaking pipesReplace nasty range hoodInstall new dishwasherReplace stained ceiling tilesSeal doorways The list really is longer. This is just a tasteContinue reading “Unsettled Mess”

Help me Understand

The draw to start this blog spawned from a growing realization the power behind an individual’s story or personal testimony of their life journey. I found myself often intrigued to hear the stories of others struggles with sexual brokenness. What could I glean from their experiences to help me on my journey? I wanted aContinue reading “Help me Understand”

Rebellious Heart Within

“Praise the LordHis Mercy is MoreStronger than DarknessNew every MornOur Sins are ManyHis Mercy is More…” Rebellious heart — that thought has been triggering in my mind from a daily devotion on how Adam and Eve were rebellious in eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. I was intrigued and encouraged by the reminder fromContinue reading “Rebellious Heart Within”