In His Image

Our culture, ourselves, and our experiences are significant influences of how we think about ourselves. It has left many people really confused. Gay, gay-Christian, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, gender fluid and more. A primary purpose of this blog is to challenge others including myself about our beliefs about our identities; is what we are thinking basedContinue reading “In His Image”

Born Gay?

Here goes! As I respond to this question, I sincerely recognize there is quite a range of views and thoughts on this topic. As a result I do want to approach the subject sensitively and with a Biblical view. Many people’s stories of their sexuality are prefaced with statements such “I have always felt thisContinue reading “Born Gay?”

The Heart of Man – Movie

Have you seen it? I am a fan of this movie! This movie is full of symbolism and dramatic interpretation of the battle of sin, relationship with the Father and community. The depictions vividly demonstrate man’s battle with temptation, sin, and shame. There are several scenes that got my attention. There is a scene inContinue reading “The Heart of Man – Movie”

The Truth Rescues

So earlier this week I shared a nugget about how the truth hurts. But there is more to that story if we are willing to include it in our story for growth and change. Being confronted by truth from the Holy Spirit, or others speaking into our lives can be for the good; life changing.Continue reading “The Truth Rescues”