The Heart of Man – Movie

Have you seen it? I am a fan of this movie! This movie is full of symbolism and dramatic interpretation of the battle of sin, relationship with the Father and community. The depictions vividly demonstrate man’s battle with temptation, sin, and shame. There are several scenes that got my attention. There is a scene inContinue reading “The Heart of Man – Movie”

Truth: You are not Alone

If you are anything like me when you find yourself struggling, embattled by sin or temptation you feel alone. Your heart and soul feel empty. Will anyone understand? Will anybody notice and care enough to ask how you are? These were the questions I often asked as I was struggling with same sex attractions. MyContinue reading “Truth: You are not Alone”

I want to go to Church….

It’s been a few days since I have posted. Since I just got started I want to be sure I was posting pretty regularly and need to get in the routine of sharing. A very significant part of my story is Church. When I moved back to north Iowa over 10 years ago one ofContinue reading “I want to go to Church….”