The Heart of Man – Movie

Have you seen it? I am a fan of this movie! This movie is full of symbolism and dramatic interpretation of the battle of sin, relationship with the Father and community. The depictions vividly demonstrate man’s battle with temptation, sin, and shame. There are several scenes that got my attention. There is a scene in which a man is attracted and allured by a seemingly beautiful woman; the temptation draws him in. Yet then suddenly when given into the temptation what seemingly was beautiful is far from it. I could say more but don’t want to soften the potential impact of the scene. Likewise there is a dramatic scene when the man is embattled with his grief, shame and guilt. The depiction is real and amazingly expresses the torment that sin can have on a man’s heart. The love of the Father toward the sinner is graciously depicted as well throughout the movie. Interjected throughout this movie are personal testimonies that tell stories of brokenness and redemption! Check out the Heart of Man website for more information. If you have a RightNow media account you can view the movie there as well as view some round table discussions. There is a participant guide available on the Heart of Man website, which I would recommend. Check out the preview below. If you watch the movie, I would welcome your feedback below! ~God Bless, Stan

Heart of Man – Trailer
The Heart of Man – Featurette

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