Unexpected Lesson

While I have a few other blog posts drafted to continue with some thoughts on Romans 1, I interrupt to share an interesting lesson that came my way today.

Shortly after waking up I received a text from a good brother asking me if was going to attend church today. Reluctantly, I replied. Maybe. Sharing for some reason my introverted self wasn’t too keen on the idea of managing through the scenario of a crowd of people in an outdoor service. I knew what was right. I conceded to the innocent question he posed and then said. Yes, I will be there. I needed that nudge.

While getting ready the Holy Spirit had to be continually working as some thoughts came to mind. The overarching theme: practice what you preach. Just a matter of weeks ago I was blogging about the importance of being together with brothers and sister in Christ. Uh…where did that conviction go? Was that a belief I only held when it aligned with my emotions and what “I” wanted. Have I not also mentioned how significant our words can be; even a simple greeting and acknowledgement may be just what they need. Even though I didn’t want to feel entrapped by some idle chit chat that I might find pointless – it might be life-giving to someone else.

Too often I suspect introverted people like me overlook how we can be Christ to others. Could it also be an excuse used to unknowingly avoid interaction and potential vulnerability towards some of those more deep conversations? And what about the purpose of going to church – to worship ! Some things to ponder for sure.

Thankful to my brother for his text today – prompting a lesson. See – even his simple question – made an impact. Point made.

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