The Ride Continues!

Days go by waiting to hear whom has been chosen to fill the position at this other school. Days go by waiting to hear whom may lose their jobs at my school. In that waiting my heart was nudged to consider how much I had “really” surrendered to where this ride may take me. Huh, surrendering to a position that I was confident I would like wasn’t too hard; although I did anticipate some challenges that it would require I face. A week ago I learned that they offered that position to someone else. Rollercoaster down! Waiting. This past week those that would be losing their jobs were told. While I was relieved I was not one of them my heart was troubled as I learned that I would no longer be working with some of my very favorite people. It’s like a family being split apart. Rollercoaster Down! I have a job. Rollercoaster Up!

So I am still on this ride! My job for the most part will be quite similar to my current position with some changes that have yet to be worked out in the weeks ahead. I am very thankful for the friends and family that have been on the ride with me and that God has the control! The adventure continues. Stay Tuned – the story’s not over! ~Stan

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