A little Reflection

The days of winter are passing, I am thankful! I am eagerly anticipating the Spring season and the newness it brings. Reflecting back on the last couple of months it has not been easy, and in honesty sin has seemingly found its way into my heart in a variety ways; which has only added to the battle and my frustration. As previously shared, wrestling through the unknown regarding the job I love was a distraction. There were many a moment that I did not handle the situation well. I wanted to do better. I am realizing now how it impacted my zeal. Now that the situation around my job has settled significantly, I am praying for a return of that zeal. Part of that zeal is related to the very purpose of this blog – to share the hope, love and truth of Jesus with others!

Last month I was able to attend a training conference for Biblical counseling. Intrigued? Check it out here. It was an intense week, full of many informative sessions. One of the session topics that got my attention was “Counseling those with Same Sex Attraction”. As that is very much a part of my story and connects to one of my purposes of this blog I was all ears! I was struck by the presenter’s insightful response to a common question “Are people born Gay?” My intent for my next blog entry is to share his thoughts.

In the meantime, I want to share a song with you. As you know I have a significant appreciation for Christian music. “My story’s just begun, And failure won’t define me
‘Cause that’s what my Father does”
were the lyrics that got my attention. God defines me; not my job, my checking account, my sin, my church or my family. God defines you and me! Oh there is much more there to be said about that Another blog entry! 🙂 ~Stan

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