Staying Connected!

Hey all! Hope this finds you well! For many, you are at home – a lot! I hope you are staying healthy and doing your part to be safe and keep others safe while figuring out new ways to communicate with friends and family. I had some fun this morning sending out a few quick video text messages to let some folks know that I am thinking of them even though I may not be seeing them. I challenge you to do the same. Send a message to those that are on your prayer list. Check out your contact list and see whom you might be triggered to reach out and connect with. In particular consider contacts that are single. 🙂

While I am used to being home alone a lot and I am used to it, this social distancing thing gets a little rough. No wife, no kids, not even a dog! LOL. My sister is strongly encouraging me to get one. Anyway, I really didn’t realize how much I was missing people until the first Sunday of virtual church. I was eager and excited to engage in a new way with my church family. As I saw my pastor start the online service and a few lead us in songs of worship, I unexpectedly began to cry. I truly missed being with my church family. Since I am alone quite a bit, Sunday can be a big deal to me – even as an introvert! :). It has spurred me to stay connected with people and be more intentional on my part. No worries, I am actually doing very well. I can share I am super grateful for my close friends that have let me in to be part of doing life with them – even during Covid 19! ~Stan

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