Born Gay?

Here goes! As I respond to this question, I sincerely recognize there is quite a range of views and thoughts on this topic. As a result I do want to approach the subject sensitively and with a Biblical view.

Many people’s stories of their sexuality are prefaced with statements such “I have always felt this way”, “I knew I was gay when I was very young”, “I always felt different”. It is naturally hard to disagree with such a statement when it is very much a very personal perspective and story. While within my story I wouldn’t say that I always felt attracted to the same sex, I don’t want to be dismissive of another’s experience. Who am I to argue differently?

I think I get it, though. The attraction and desires can be so powerful, unsurmountable, and seemingly impossible to change, one can easily come to a conclusion that this is just who I am and I am born this way. There may have been times that I thought or questioned it but I don’t remember it. Perhaps it was because in the depths of me I couldn’t quite reconcile that with my Biblical beliefs about what God intended in the creation of man, woman, and the purpose of sex. Those beliefs being that men and women are distinctly and uniquely created different. Different with the intent of complementing one another in union of marriage – to become one. Sex is also Biblically directed to solely be the most intimate union between husband and wife in that “oneness”. In that oneness is significant emotional and physical connection that can be blessed with children!

So, how can I begin to wrap my head around the complexity of the issue and attempt to understand my own attractions and desires that seem so innate?

There is no scientific evidence of a gay gene. Period. Unfortunately the media and many activists struggle to acknowledge this truth. As a result many still boldly claim they people are born gay. If this is your belief I challenge you to consider this….

A precept of Christianity is that we are born sinners. It is Biblically founded in both the Old and New Testament scriptures following the fall of Adam and Eve into sin. Check out this resource for key passages. Doesn’t being born as a sinner explain why and how we find it easy to lie and to be selfish among other things that are considered sinful. No one had to teach us those things. Does it not then also make sense that this would explain why individuals may “feel” as if they were born gay? Although all these things may seems natural, does it make it right? Does it align with God’s intent and plan for us? Ponder it.

Personally, I believe this creates a lot of understanding and a Biblical way to approach the Born Gay ? with truth. It also provides a gateway to the message of the Gospel of Hope in Jesus Christ! What is that hope to be had ? Romans 5: ” but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. ” What does that mean? What hope does that bring someone that is struggling with same sex attraction and wants help? First – check out His Story. Second – stay tuned for my next post for the Message of Great Hope. ~ God Bless, Stan

Just a quick add – on. This just makes me think of a resource : Compassion without Compromise. It’s a good read whether you are personally struggling or desire to Biblically build a connection to a person struggling with their sexuality.

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