Help me Understand

The draw to start this blog spawned from a growing realization the power behind an individual’s story or personal testimony of their life journey. I found myself often intrigued to hear the stories of others struggles with sexual brokenness. What could I glean from their experiences to help me on my journey? I wanted aContinue reading “Help me Understand”

Born Gay?

Here goes! As I respond to this question, I sincerely recognize there is quite a range of views and thoughts on this topic. As a result I do want to approach the subject sensitively and with a Biblical view. Many people’s stories of their sexuality are prefaced with statements such “I have always felt thisContinue reading “Born Gay?”

Truth: Thought Choice

Thought choice?! A few years ago I connected with a ministry called Free Indeed based on a referral from Restored Hope Network. I enrolled in The Freedom Fighter program which is a 20 week coaching program for those seeking freedom from sexual sin. As part of the program I read through the book At theContinue reading “Truth: Thought Choice”

Truth: Deceitful Heart

Perhaps I have shared some thoughts on this before; nonetheless its worth repeating. It’s worth repeating as I need to remind myself of this truth: Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things    and beyond cure.    Who can understand it? Sometimes I find myself embattled with desires and struggle to understand why I am seemingly naturally inclined toContinue reading “Truth: Deceitful Heart”

Why Share My Story?

Over several months, perhaps years, I have prayed about being able to find an avenue to have a voice, a voice for the truth of God’s word relating to sexuality and a person’s identity. I felt like I had much to share but just wasn’t sure how. If you scanned my journal entries over theContinue reading “Why Share My Story?”