Help me Understand

The draw to start this blog spawned from a growing realization the power behind an individual’s story or personal testimony of their life journey. I found myself often intrigued to hear the stories of others struggles with sexual brokenness. What could I glean from their experiences to help me on my journey? I wanted a check list of what I needed to do for healing and freedom from my same sex attractions. While I did not find a perfect set of “to -do’s” I found brothers and sisters pointing to the real hope. The Gospel of Jesus. I also gained an understanding of the causes of my same sex attraction of which I continue to uncover as He (God) reveals to me the sins of my heart.

Without doubt same sex attraction/homosexuality is a complicated issue to understand and many people have their own thoughts. What is true? What does the Bible say? So today I share with you a documentary that may be helpful. You will learn about some of the common roots of same sex attraction as well as the stories of men and women. ~Stan


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