Unsettled Mess

Nearly three months ago I moved to a different home. The list of “to do’s” are daunting.

Clean Ducts
Patch nail holes
Paint trim and rooms
Clean light fixtures
Electrical work
Unclog drains
Clean stained floors

Photo by KJ Styles on Unsplash

Add Window treatments
Deck repairs
Fix leaking pipes
Replace nasty range hood
Install new dishwasher
Replace stained ceiling tiles
Seal doorways

The list really is longer. This is just a taste of what has been stirring in my mind the last few months. Some things are complete some things are not. Little did I know the impact of the move amongst other things was having on my heart.

Unsettled was a simple word used by my Pastor yesterday when we were talking about some DIY planning while connecting it to my season of struggling with sin & temptation. We had a short but incredibly significant conversation about the spiritual impact of this unsettledness. This conversation was a relief to my troubled heart. In any sin struggle whether it is sexual in nature or an addictive habit it is important to be alert to one’s own triggers. Pure Desire Ministry offers a helpful tool to thoughtfully discover triggers or “alarms” and to create an escape plan. Explore their web page. In particular view the Escape plan tool by clicking on resources. I believe I am very aware of my triggers; emotions of frustration, anxiety, inadequacy, and loneliness are just a few. After my conversation with Pastor Eric yesterday I can add unsettledness.

Beyond the house projects there has been unsettledness in situations at my job, interrupted routines, an easy tendency to get anxious, and all sorts of COVID related craziness. Consequently, that one word “unsettled” put an incredible amount of things in perspective. In an interestingly odd way it brought joy. I had been in state of angst and discouragement really trying to figure out why I was feeling embattled with temptation and sin. Now I had a clear explanation which is allowing me to begin to address some of that unsettledness. Hope restored.

Reject passivity, accept responsibility. I have been challenged by this before. (See previous blog entry: House Cleaning) It certainly comes into play here once again. While some of the situations that have me feeling unsettled are out of my control, there are areas that I can deal with and accept responsibility and just “do”. This is a much better choice rather than just sitting and allowing the unsettledness overwhelm me foddering way towards being easily tempted and struggling with sin.

I share this part of my story with you today to encourage you to be aware of your alarms and triggers that take you down a pathway toward sin. Prayerfully ask for His wisdom to help you discover them. Consider talking with a close brother/sister in Christ that may also help you. Check out the Escape Plan tool.

What unsettled mess can I tackle today? Prayerfully asking for His peace in the things that I cannot control. Pressing on in Hope !

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