Unsettled Mess

Nearly three months ago I moved to a different home. The list of “to do’s” are daunting. Clean DuctsPatch nail holesPaint trim and roomsClean light fixturesElectrical workUnclog drainsClean stained floors Add Window treatmentsDeck repairsFix leaking pipesReplace nasty range hoodInstall new dishwasherReplace stained ceiling tilesSeal doorways The list really is longer. This is just a tasteContinue reading “Unsettled Mess”

Why Share My Story?

Over several months, perhaps years, I have prayed about being able to find an avenue to have a voice, a voice for the truth of God’s word relating to sexuality and a person’s identity. I felt like I had much to share but just wasn’t sure how. If you scanned my journal entries over theContinue reading “Why Share My Story?”