Why Share My Story?

Over several months, perhaps years, I have prayed about being able to find an avenue to have a voice, a voice for the truth of God’s word relating to sexuality and a person’s identity. I felt like I had much to share but just wasn’t sure how. If you scanned my journal entries over the last couple of years you would see those thoughts. I wanted to share with others the hope that they can have in Christ by sharing about the hope and freedom that I was beginning to experience.

Over two years ago, I specifically remember a time when I was convicted more deeply about my sin struggle with same sex attraction and found myself seeking Jesus more and more. While I was experiencing victories over sexual sin I remember reading Psalm 51:

While I was super familiar with the first part I was struck by the last sentence. “Then I will teach transgressors you ways, so that sinners will turn back to you”.

There it was…a renewed challenge and desire and wonder. What voice do I have for the Hope of Christ? How can I be a messenger for Christ for those that are struggling with sexual sin?

Jump ahead to February 2019. I attended a Biblical Counseling Conference with a team of people from my church. The very first session laid a very strong urgency about spreading the hope of Christ by one phrase – “eternity is at stake”. In a time where the world is in chaos regarding sexuality and identity the reality of the urgency weighed on my heart and does today. An evening or two later I found myself without hesitation sharing my story with the group from my church. I shared how the words “eternity is at stake” ignited a passion that stirred in my heart to be a messenger of the hope of Christ to be rescued and transformed!

Since that conference I have been given strength and courage to slowly share with others; individual friends, a small group of men from church, the entire church family at the Good Friday Service, co-workers, and to more members of my family. I have also had the opportunity to be a part of other people’s stories and come along and support and encourage them in their own journey toward purity and freedom.

It is my prayer that this blog may be just another outlet proclaiming the hope of Jesus Christ for the sexually broken.

I am grateful for God and His prompting me to share my story, which is ultimately His story rescuing me from an identity based on lies rather than truth and transforming my heart. Now we are on a journey together.

This is Our Story. Jesus and me together.

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