Share YOUR Story

I am learning today that I need to start writing down my blog ideas when they come to mind! I am hoping I can recapture my thoughts that I had last night for you.

Share YOUR story.

With deep conviction I am confident your life story can powerfully impact others; family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers. Sometimes I think we can get fearful and remain quiet about spreading the hope we have in the Gospel of Christ. I know I do! Have you ever considered how you can by simply sharing your story? your testimony? You are the sole expert in sharing that story next to Jesus. 🙂 Please don’t be dismissive in thinking that your story may not be ‘big enough’ or ‘dramatic enough’. Every story is made up of all the seemingly little God moments of your every day life. Each truly does have significance, more than we realize I am certain. Not only for us but for others too. Share the answers to your prayers, the song that speaks to your heart, the scripture or other reading that speaks to you, or the circumstances that God orchestrates together for you. Share also the parts of your story that are difficult; the fears, worry, doubt and hurts. May we be humble and authentic in sharing how the Gospel message of salvation and hope play out in our lives – He will use it to reach others and reach you as well! I think of the books of Psalms; one of my favorites. The chronicles of David’s heart and life in Christ the good and bad. Consider the impact of his story. Consider the impact of just one of his stories of his relationship with Jesus! The thoughts I close with – share your story, whether a snapshot moment in a day or a whole chapter. ~Stan

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