War for Glory

I just posted an entry minutes ago. I turned off the light and intended to settle my mind before drifting off to sleep. I so had hoped. I was starting to contemplate some of the the other things that I have been learning over the past few months that could be “blog worthy”. One of which was how easily I can get side tracked to be self-seeking attention and glory for things that I have said and done. Seems legit right? We all want to be noticed – it is a good thing, good for our self-esteem. Read that again. Did you catch it – my heart is beginning to deceive me from truth and my purpose. My heart naturally wants to be noticed; in fact minutes after I published that post I was looking at the stats of my page – has anyone seen or read my post? I wonder if anybody will comment? Wow, it has been months since my last post yet I see there has been some views. Cool! I am being noticed.

Truth check. What was my purpose when starting this blog? Pointing others toward Jesus or toward me so I could get some attention? See me! I do legitimately want to point others to Jesus, in particular those that struggle with sexual sin. I can relate to the depths of the hurt, pain and struggle. My compassionate heart is engaged. Yet, I can’t deny I like the attention it gets me. Wait a minute. Who really provides the hope and freedom, who does the rescuing? Who deserves the glory? Not I. Even in the good that I may do, I need to remember how that is even possible. Because of Him! The Glory is due His name. He does the rescuing!

I Corinthians 10: 31 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

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