Time has gone by….

Oh my gracious! It has been a long time again – months in fact. Too long. So some explanation:

-COVID laziness
-Back to work after months away
-A broken laptop
-Distracted heart
-Moving to a different home

I do want to get back to sharing thoughts and stories with you that read. Good news, I have a new laptop – so that “excuse” is no longer valid.

Most recently I have been doing a book study with a brother in Christ – we are reading Passions of the Heart by John D. Street. A very good read – a heavy read at times that is brain taxing but it is a good thing. :). The current substance of what I have been reading has been about the deceitfulness of our hearts. It has challenged me to consider truly how subtle the deceitfulness can be. One of the quotes from the opening chapter – “I can’t believe I would ever think such thoughts.” Oh my goodness –unfortunately I have been there. I think I have written before how our sin can easily and quickly take us where we would have never dreamed of going.

The deceit of our hearts taking us away from truth toward sin can be very simple and subtle and happens without us really noticing it. We often can easily dismiss it completely or attempt to diminish it as “no big deal” – deceived! Meanwhile Satan is conniving, scheming and manipulating this win over our thinking and it feeds. I have fallen prey to such. More than once, more than once to the same thing!

I Peter 5:8: Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Oh may we be alert! May God reveal to us individually where our thinking takes us toward sin and guide us back to truth in Him, to be RESCUED by him. ~Stan

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