Again and Again

Shame. Shame so quickly and easily builds in our hearts often without us realizing it. It’s what keeps us from sharing our sins and struggles with anyone including our Father in Heaven. It entraps us in a feeling and sense on continuous defeat. Have you been there? Have you been there, gotten out and then find yourself in that place yet again?! I suspect you have. News Flash — You know what you are not alone! Isn’t it just maddening and you want to scream and throw a little temper tantrum in crazed frustration.

I was encouraged and reminded of some important truth this week through a song that eloquently puts to words where you and I need to run. Again and again. May we keep running to Him- no reason to hide any longer – His mercy is calling out. I love the lyrics of this song and the emphasis of again and again and again! After all He is the only Savior! Because of Easter! ~Stan

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