Winks of Jesus

As I have written before I am enjoying watching the TV series The Chosen.  I am frequently struck by how often within each episode there is so much about the person and purpose of Jesus being portrayed; if one pays close attention to the details of the actions and words I think you will be intrigued.  May that intrigue stir your heart towards Him.   

One such thing that caught my attention was in Episode 1 of Season 2.  Jesus is about to read Scripture in a synagogue and in walks a man who has been miraculously healed by Jesus.  Their eyes meet and what does Jesus do? he smiles and winks at the man.  I was struck by the significance of such a simple facial gesture and expression.  Consider it, what does the message of a wink convey?  I see you.  I get you.  I’ve got you.  It’s okay.  I love you.  A wink is a subtle acknowledgement and connection that is really only fully understood by the two individuals.   When winked at our response is quite likely a smile and a warming of our heart. An intimate, personal connection that triggers emotional bonding.  

Image by OpenIcons from Pixabay

The wink of Jesus depicted here causes me to wonder about my relationship with him.  How does Jesus wink at me?  Do I have that type of intimate and uniquely personal connection with him?  Does he wink at me and I miss it?

I remembered this following a really simple situation I found myself in last week.  While it is not quite as significant as being miraculously healed it demonstrated how He’s got me.  I was working on a small DIY project of replacing a torn screen on a deck door.  If you have ever attempted this on your own you may understand it can be tricky to not damage or tear the screen.  Since that was my past experience I was putting it off but finally decided to go after it. This time when I bought the replacement screen I noticed they also had a cool little tool that supposedly was made to help.  It wasn’t too expensive so I went ahead and bought it, yet remained skeptical.  To my amazement the tool worked great!  I love this cool little bright neon green tool. It made the job super fast – this was going to be a successful DIY project.  I completed one part and then stepped away for a bit and then went back to finish up.  Hmmm…where did I place that tool?  I was just using it after all yet it was not right by the spot I was working.  I retraced my steps several times and I could not find it.  My frustration level rose quickly.  Seriously!  I was just using this thing!  What on earth did I do with it!  The thing is bright neon green too, how can I not see it!  After several attempts to find it I even called my sister to vent my silly frustration to her.  As I hung up I uttered a prayer out of frustration – Lord help me find this thing, and was prepared to take a break and engage in doing something else.  At that moment I glanced to my right looking outside AND what caught my eye?  A bright neon green tool that I had placed on the mantel.  Ha!  I laughed, I smiled.  It was a wink from Jesus.  I got you, I’ve got this and here is your little green tool.  Now get the job done.  🙂

How has Jesus winked at you?  Are you watching? 

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