Truth: Greater is He!

I spent some time this morning journaling; very long overdue. God was there with me reading and knowing my heart as the words began to fall on the page. As I was thinking He was helping me realize the condition of my heart. Some of the phrases that I penned this morning: “Bottom line I am a great sinner and I need a great God to save me from my sin – It is my sin, in truth I cannot explain it away or justify it. I may want to attempt to but in truth, I cannot. Sin is sin. A choice I make. “ I was reflecting on my own sin and how at times it abounds seemingly uncontrollable. As I was thinking through the out-of-control envy and jealousy that was waging havoc in my heart, I remembered that a way out was to reflect on the many things I should be grateful to God for providing to me. As I began to steer my heart in that direction I began listing items of gratefulness I had and then wrote these words “the Power of Christ through the Power of the Holy Spirit to overcome”. While the significant power of the sin in my life was super fresh and real in my mind I was failing to recognize the GREATER power of Christ in me. God’s power is far greater and can be evident when I submit, seek and respond to it. It does have the power to overcome. It has and It will. My heart and mind was then further prompted by His Spirit with a truth that was hidden in my heart from the scriptures. He knew I needed to be reminded of it again this day. 🙂

1 John 4:4: “Little children, you are from God and have overcome them (false spirits of the world) , for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. As I was looking that verse up online I also came across a song that was so fitting. I have heard it before but today it was an added encouragement of this truth put to music. ——->

So, I was listening to this song as I prepared to go to church and these words came to mind to include in my thoughts to share here and to not forget myself!: God speaks in brokenness. Stop & Listen. Moments later a brother in Christ shared this song below with me. Another good one! May you be encouraged by all these truths of God. ~Stan

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