2020 Anticipation !

1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.” A dear brother in Christ shared this simple verse with me while I was in a season of great unrest and anxiety – even to the point I was being ensnared with some obsessive compulsive behaviors I had never experienced before. The anxiety was out of control and caused even greater fear as I recognized my anxious thoughts were beginning to control my behaviors in some extreme ways. This simple verse directed me to the sovereignty and the love of God for me and you. While it was a verse I could easily remember and hold in my heart, I also had it on a taped note on my laptop. The visual reminder was particularly valuable when my heart and mind began to get overtaken with anxiety to near panic. The word of God steering me back to truth to rest in Him.

This testimony of God’s faithfulness is a reminder as we anticipate 2020 . . .

1) May we not be anxious and rest on the truth that He cares for us and calls us to surrender our anxious thoughts to Him.

2) Hold onto His word for reminders of His truth. Perhaps setting a goal to memorize scripture relating to areas that you may be struggling with. Have notes of the verse in your car, on your mirror, or on your computer. 🙂

3) Be in relationship with others. Perhaps the Lord will have your paths cross with someone that needs to hear & experience the love of the Lord through you. Perhaps someone else will be able to direct you to Him during a time of need.

I also share with you here a song in which the lyrics speak reminders of God’s sovereignty – He Holds it All! Happy New Year! ~Stan

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