Smile! :)

The start of my day. It started early at 4 a.m. I abruptly awoke from a bad dream that just left me MAD! Although it was just a dream the angry emotions were real and lingered. I did get back to sleep after some time. Meanwhile I was also hoping for a 2 hour late start as the forecast included a winter weather advisory for freezing drizzle. Yesterday was sorta a slippery cautious winter commute w/o an advisory. Surely we would have a delay! Nope. Up and at em!

Dressed and heading out the door … snag – rip! I caught my dress pants on an old antique wooden chest and ripped the side of my pants. Quick change! Now I’m running really close to being late. Headed to the truck as the Jeep was in the shop getting its oil changed. Ugh — that tire looks low. I am going to be late now! Texted my boss to alert her of my little perils and potential delay of arriving to work.

Down the street I go, I attempted to engage the 4X4 on the truck multiple times as a precaution for slippery conditions. It was snowing lightly and there was some wet accumulation on the road. Nope…didnt want to go into 4X4 Ugh. Got to the gas station; tired looked okay so was on my way. 🙂

So that was a little chaotic start and then I heard this song to help me redirect my thoughts and attitude. Smile! As I arrived at work, I was doing better and was working on my Smile! Thankful to God in how he orchestrate the little details to speak to my heart and mind. May we all be more alert to them! ~Stan!

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