The Cost of Sin

It was in the Spring of 2017 when I realized this incredible cost sin can have on one’s life. I received a letter in the mail that shared the news that a dear brother in Christ had recently been arrested for a moral failure and had resigned from his ministry position. My heart sank and broke for him, his wife, his two children, his extended family and the massive number of people that knew him and had been influenced by his involvement in ministry. A new awareness of Satan and his schemes became very real. Just as it states in John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…” (Special Note: Stay tuned for an update on how God is writing this man’s story).

This news sent me in a tailspin emotionally, mentally and spiritually for my dear friend but honestly for myself as well. I considered my own sexual brokenness of lust, pornography, and same sex attraction and the cost it could have in my life if it continued. Broken relationships and shattered dreams and goals. While I was aware of my sin and was on a journey of repentance and change there was room for greater change and freedom and I knew it. It was time to get more serious. It wasn’t until the late fall of 2017 that I took a significant step. Prior to this I had attended conferences, read books, shared my story with pastors, established some accountability partners and sought Biblical counsel. I wanted to keep growing and to connect with someone that could understand my specific sexual struggles better. I reached out to Restored Hope Network and they referred me to Free Indeed Ministries out of Maine! Yes, Maine! They offered a “Freedom Fighter” program via phone. I applied for the program and was coached by the ministry director on a pathway to freedom from my sexual addictions. I learned much on the journey and much of what you read in my entries is founded on the truths that I learned while in that program.

While the reality of some of the potential “big” costs pushed me to seek additional counsel on my journey, there are many “little” costs to sin as well. May we all be alert to all the costs of sin. May they be a warning and motivator. ~Stan

Important questions for you and I consider:

  1. How do my thoughts influence those around me? (They may seem private or secret – but are they? How do those thoughts influence my mood, the words I speak or how I view others? )
  2. How often does my seemingly little sinful thought take me down a path toward greater sin? (I believe this is super important to consider when entertaining a lustful thought — taking thoughts captive with the help of the 3 Second Rule?)
  3. How are my sinful behaviors affecting those around me?
  4. How are my sinful behaviors affecting my relationship with Jesus?
  5. Am I on a path of destructive sin that needs my drastic attention? (If so, I encourage you to cry out to the Lord and reach out today to someone help you on your journey toward Jesus and freedom! Be rescued!

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