The Heart of Man – Movie

Have you seen it? I am a fan of this movie! This movie is full of symbolism and dramatic interpretation of the battle of sin, relationship with the Father and community. The depictions vividly demonstrate man’s battle with temptation, sin, and shame. There are several scenes that got my attention. There is a scene inContinue reading “The Heart of Man – Movie”

Truth: Love of Jesus

I say it often; I love my church. Seriously, the Holy Spirit was speaking strongly and repeatedly to the voids of my heart today, just where I needed it. The LOVE of Jesus was experienced in my heart today. Tears flowed easily. Never ever underestimate the of importance of putting yourself in places where theContinue reading “Truth: Love of Jesus”

The Truth Rescues

So earlier this week I shared a nugget about how the truth hurts. But there is more to that story if we are willing to include it in our story for growth and change. Being confronted by truth from the Holy Spirit, or others speaking into our lives can be for the good; life changing.Continue reading “The Truth Rescues”

Ugliness of Stereotypes

I have heard from many people over the last several days after posting about my blog on Facebook. I appreciate all the kind words, prayers, encouragement and thoughts. It has also brought back some of the less desirable memories of the journey. One of those things is stereotypes. In all honesty the “gay” stereotypes getContinue reading “Ugliness of Stereotypes”