I want to go to Church….

It’s been a few days since I have posted. Since I just got started I want to be sure I was posting pretty regularly and need to get in the routine of sharing. A very significant part of my story is Church. When I moved back to north Iowa over 10 years ago one ofContinue reading “I want to go to Church….”

Ugliness of Stereotypes

I have heard from many people over the last several days after posting about my blog on Facebook. I appreciate all the kind words, prayers, encouragement and thoughts. It has also brought back some of the less desirable memories of the journey. One of those things is stereotypes. In all honesty the “gay” stereotypes getContinue reading “Ugliness of Stereotypes”

Why Share My Story?

Over several months, perhaps years, I have prayed about being able to find an avenue to have a voice, a voice for the truth of God’s word relating to sexuality and a person’s identity. I felt like I had much to share but just wasn’t sure how. If you scanned my journal entries over theContinue reading “Why Share My Story?”